X-Yachts Xp 33

The smallest yacht in the range, the Xp 33 is designed for pure sailing enjoyment. This model is a high stability 30-footer which benefits from the same advanced construction techniques as the larger yachts in the Xperformance range for superb sailing performance and build quality.

Smooth lines, ample buoyancy both fore and aft, a plumb bow for maximum waterline length and subtle chines create a hull which is fast on all angles of sail. A custom-designed double spreader aluminium mast is offered as standard, with a carbon rig available as an option. Non-overlapping headsails, a single line headsail furler and retractable bowsprit increase the sailing fun and racing potential while ensuring sail handling is stress-free, even when sailing short-handed.

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Longueur hors-tout9.99 m
Longueur de flottaison8.79 m
Largueur totale3.21 m
Tirant d'eau standard1.9 m
Ballast, standard1700 kg
Déplacement4300 kg
Motorisation diesel14.5 kW
Réservoir carburant50 l
Réservoir d'eau110 l
Cabines, standard3
Heads, standard1
Cruising sail33.8 m²
Racing sail36 m²
Génois 106%29.2 m²
Spinnaker asymétrique93 m²
DesignerX-Yachts Design



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